A real blog for me!

I first started the Classic Garage website in early 2002 to document the restoration of a old Vespa I bought. I also had a HT Premier at the time that I’d owned for about 10 years which I’d also done a lot of work to. Not many blogs were around at this time, especially about classic cars.

I haven’t updated for a while for a couple of reasons – running a business, young kids, hassle of updating because the software I was using. The site was originally handcoded in HTML/CSS but I switched over to City Desk a year or two later as I’m an avid reader of Joel on Software since about 2001. I also switched to a Mac about 1.5 years ago so running City Desk on Windows was a pain, hence the infrequent updates.

Well here’s to a new start using WordPress, some new articles on the Chev and me ranting about other things that I’m into.

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