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Insulating the Interior

My idea for the Chev is modern mechanics and ride in a classic body shape.

As part of this plan, sound deadening and insulating the interior was a big must have.

The current insulation wasn't too bad, I had carpet underlay and even the original? cardboard glued to the floors.  Most of the red in the firewall and drivers well is not rust, but glue.

One problem with the current setup is there's nothing on the firewall, so a lot of engine noise and heat comes through.  The numerous holes in the firewall don't help either!

So I decided to get serious and stripped the interior and started work on getting that floor clean of glue and cardboard insulation.

I think I underestimated how hard this would be, the prep of the floor took many days with a steel spatula scraping all the crud off.

Half the cardboard off!

While working on this, I was impressed by the floor pans, as far as I can tell, they're all original, no rust, no patch panels. 

Getting close to paint now, trying to get back to bare metal as much as possible.  I decided to use the POR 15 paint treatment, to ensure the floors never rust.

There was some surface rust coming up under the wire channels that are covered by steel covers, which were also rusting.  I hard to grind slots into the old cover screws in order to loosen them, they were rusted out.

Part of the process was to patch up all the holes previous owners had put in the firewall, trans tunnell and back parcel shelf.  As I'm no welder, I riveted POR 15 treated sheet metal and sicaflexed them down.

Here's the result after doing the 3 step POR 15 treatment.  It's a lot of effort, it's messy stuff, put the result is very satisfying.  I applied this with paint brushes but the it comes up smooth.

Next step was to insulate the complete firewall, floor and parcel shelf.  I used Dynamat Extreme, wasn't cheap cost about $400 to do the whole car, with some left over for the doors when I'm ready.
It went on easy using a small roller, making sure to get rid of air bubbles.

The B&M Street Rod shifter is new, wanted something a bit different.  It's linked to Dakota Digital Trans signaller so the gear selected shows up on the dash.

I went crazy and made some panels for behind the back seat, these screw in so they can be removed for maintenance later.

With some underlay and carpet over the top the difference is appreciable.  Ironically soon after completing this, both mufflers split causing a hell of a racket.  With new mufflers in, the Chev is a lot quieter and cooler.  Now I just need to fix the air leaks coming from the quarter vent windows.

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