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 The Prem's interior was re-trimmed at the time of painting, with the roof lining, dash pad and kick panels all retrimmed in black vinyl. New underlay and carpet was installed while the rear bench and front buckets were trimmed to match the paint using black vinyl and purple velour inserts. Black door trims are original HG items.

A Monaro centre console separates the two front occupants who are clamped firmly to the seats by inertia reel seat belts. Replacing the stock bench seat are period bucket seats which I thought were original HT items until informed otherwise by a Premier fanatic a few years ago.

Squeezed into the console is the tasty B&M Quicksilver Shifter replacing the factory three on the column auto. 
 The dash is an GTS dash featuring extra gauges for battery, water temp and oil pressure. A tacho and speedo that goes to 140mph (compared to 120mph) also feature.

A Weld Falcon Steering wheel replaces the stock item, and is a lot more comfortable for long distance trips.
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