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The current driveline in the Prem was installed in 2000. Prior to this, I ran a Red 186 with a 350 Holley, Yella Terra heads, mild cam and extractors running through a 3 speed auto trimatic and banjo diff.

The 186's valve train packed it in while doing 100klms down the freeway soon after I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne. Seven years of reliable service was a good effort and it was now time to get serious and tuff up the driveline.

I was faced with two options, rebuild the 186 and be on my way without much trouble, or replace the whole driveline with something bigger, meaner and a whole lot more expensive.

Being the sensible, fiscal minded person that I am, I went for the second option.

I wanted something fairly driveable, as the Prem was my only car at the time and I needed something that could cope with traffic. With advice from my mechanic, Geoff Licari from Knoxfield Automotive (03 9801 8283), we went for a brand new crate motor Chev small block. It's a Gen II, which came out on the 80's corvettes. It's running a 4bl Rochester carby instead of an EFI setup. Add a brand new Turbo 400, custom tailshaft, and a Ford nine inch and you have a very tough driveline. 


Dyno Tuning - Oct 2003

The Prem had been running pretty rough of late, especially once warm. As I was living in Essendon at the time, I took it to Autotrac in Keilor Rd, after hearing they had a dyno and on the recommendation of a head porting guy.

They found problems with the ignition system, and had to get the electronic ignition rebuilt, this resulted in a marked improvement in power. From 121kw on arrival to 140kw after the ignition and dissy problems sorted. A good result and respectable figure for a stock motor.

Despite the good results, I can't recommend these guys, the Prem was sitting there for a week and they charged me way over what they said they would. While the result was good, they give me the complete run around.

Engine Swap - May 2004

The engine from the Prem has been swapped with the motor from the Chev The new engine is a rebuilt Chev 283 with mild cam, PowerPak heads, Eldebrock manifold and carby. I've also swapped the shifters so the Prem now has the B&M Megashifter. 


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