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New Wheels

Recently I replaced my old mags with custom wheels that I had made up.
The wheels that came with the car when I bought it, Cheviot 14x7 5 spokes, were popular in the 70's, although I was looking for something different. I delayed replacing the wheels mainly because nothing had ever caught my eye and the costs were too extreme. Wanting something unique yet easily replaceable, I decided to get some custom wheels made up. 

First of all, I went to the wreckers and purchased a set of stock HT steel wheels for $25 each. These are harder to find then you might think as the HT wheel is used on trailers and caravans.
Next, I took them to Neway Wheels (03 9457 3141) in West Heidelberg where they cut out the centres from the wheels and welded them to new 15x7 American Rims.

Prior to this, we did a test fit of a 15x7 rim with a old tyre fitted to check clearances on brake and suspension components. We also played around with the offset and ended going for about 4.5 inches. This was the most expensive part of the operation and cost $95/wheel. With the wheels made, I had them sandblasted, primed and powder coated silver with a coat of clear over the top by Melbourne Aluminium and Iron Lacework (03 9457 5333). Powder coating on a nicely prepared surface creates a great finish and is considerably more scratch and chip resistant than normal spraying. Add another $45 per wheel onto the running total.

 I picked up some HQ Holden hubcaps from the wreckers for $5 a piece, painted the circle strip and logo purple - sorry Wild Mulberry, then gave them a polish with Autosol (great stuff). Yokohama 215/60's tyres completes the package. Initially I was worried how this whole custom wheel combo would look, but I'm happy with the results which also gives the benefit of better road handling. Total cost was just over a $1000 to transform the Prem into what I think is a classy and more attractive looking vehicle.

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