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Panel and Paint Work

With the basic rust and panels sorted out, the HT became a daily driver as I started off in the work force after uni. It took about a year to finally decide to take the plunge and get the bodywork fixed up. 

The sad condition of the body was obvious when the car was stripped back for painting. Rust was revealed in the rear window sill and in the bottom of most doors as the photos show. The rust was cut out and new sections welded in.

The body was rubbed pack and primed, then sprayed with Dulux Cobra two pack paint. Ten coats of Ford Wild Mulberry was applied, followed by about seven coats of clear. Wild Mulberry is a metallic colour that came out on the XA and XB Fords in the early 70's and looked very lucious in the sample can when I choose it and looks even better when applied. 

 Brett Curran, owner of Curran's Custom Paint and Panel (076) 331807 in Toowoomba, Queensland, performed the body surgery and paint work. Brett specialises in restoring classics and he did a great job restoring the Premier front end and sourcing replacment bumper bars and chrome wheel strips.

Seven years on, and the paint work still looks great - scratches and chips aside. The only downside using two pack paint is when it chips, it tends to come off if in large pieces which can be a bit frustrating.

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