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Purchase Condition

 I bought the Premier in 1992 for $600 off a mate at Uni. It was in pretty sad condition having been neglected for quite a while. Rust and bog in most panels, dodgy brakes, and a HK Kingswood grill and front end had replaced the Premier setup after an accident sometime in the past. Probably the only redeeming feature was the Red 186 with Yella Terra heads and a big 2.5 inch exhaust that was louder than most tuff V8's.

With a Trimatic column shift transmission, it was sufficiently ballsy and cheap transport for an 18yr old who not so long before was driving a Datsun 200B. The first stop I made after picking it up was to Car Lovers where I spent at least $15 cleaning all the crap off the car as it hadn't been washed for about 2 years. 



Soon after purchasing, to prevent the prevalent rust from spreading, I attacked it with Selley's Rust Converter which turns the rust black. This stuff works great and basically prevented any of the rust from getting worse for the next three years until I had it painted.

I went in search of some straight, rust free panels knowing that it would be easier to replace doors and guards rather than repair the current ones when the time came to paint it.

I was fortunate enough to score 4 nice doors from a mate who had a couple of shells in his back yard (thanks Mick) and amazingly found two front guards (with the flutes) from a guy who was selling his nice Monaro piece by piece. The front guards set me back $300 for the pair and the doors where $200 for the set including door trims. To compare these prices to today (2002), I recently saw a set of Monaro guards advertised for $1000!!

The picture shows a Monaro bonnet which I picked up at a swap meet. I sprayed it white with a spray can and threw it on although I later took it off the car as it didn't fit that well and the corners were bent.

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