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Re-wiring the Chev

I decided in early 2007 to totally re-wire the car. It was at this time that I also did the interior strip and insulation in preparation for the air-con. It ended up being a big year of mods – re-wire, air-con, collapsible column and power steering.

The wiring in the car hadn’t caused too much grief, apart from ignition components that came from the Premier.

I picked up a new 21 circuit wiring kit a few other goodies from my mate Glenn at Airide.

I started by completing stripping all the old wiring – very satisfying – it went everywhere and had been sliced into, re-routed and messed up the engine bay. Some was original so glad to see it go after 50 years.

It took about 6 weeks to completely re-wire, and a lot of reading up and talking to people to get the best design. The main features are:

Optima sealed battery now in the boot

21 circuit fused box with labeled wiring GM colour coded

Hidden wiring in the engine bay – routed through the guards

50 amp fuse from starter motor to fuse box

Circuit breakers used for feeding hot power to relays and fu

Ignition module and coil hidden under the dash.

Dakota Digital LED Tail lights

Dakota Digital Thermo Fan computer

A couple of shots:

Looking behind the instrument cluster, fusebox on the right, at left is the big 50 amp fuse. It still looks messy under the dash even with new wiring!

Ignition module and coil

Under centre of dash – housing ignition module, coil and DD Thermo box. To the left of the stereo is the HT wiper motor.

Dakota Digital LED Tail light, an easy install and adding to the amount of DD gear in the car. When wiring the tail lights, got tripped up on the need to wire in diodes to stop power going to indicators when brakes applied.

Turbo 700 for the Chev

This weekend we swapped the Turbo 400 3 speed auto in the Chev for a Turbo 700 4 speed giving me an extra gear and hopefully better fuel economy and quieter highway cruising. I bought the 700 off my mate Al who’s also installing it – thanks Al!

The swap was fairly straightforward just requiring the transmission cross member to be modified as the Turbo 700 sits slightly back more. Some fiddling around with the kick down cable to hook up to the current accelerator cable was also required. The transmission came with a Lokar dipstick and kickdown cable. Eventually I’ll be replacing the current accelerator gear with a lokar one as I’m keen to put in a Lokar Midnight series accelerator pedal.

I’ve just sent the tailshaft to be shortened (Knox Driveshaft Services 9758 4015) and waiting on my shifter to arrive. I’ve ordered a 8 inch floor mount Lokar shifter, again in the black (the new Midnight Series).

Forgot my camera when were doing this but will post some pictures when we fit the tailshaft.